SWAG’R – A Breakthrough Experience for Brands to Reach College Audiences

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College life isn’t just about academics and career goals; it’s about discovering new things, growing, and having fun. Of course, attending concerts, sports games, and career fairs are a major part of that experience for students. So what makes these experiences even more exciting? Free “swag” or merchandise!

For college students, receiving freebies, discounts, and deals is more than saving money. It’s about being part of something bigger, supporting the brands they care about, and discovering new brands.

SWAG’R offers a new and exciting experiential platform for college students to grab “swag” from the brands they love. It’s an incredibly fun approach that provides a unique gamified experience, allowing students to engage with their favorite brands and receive exciting perks like free samples and exclusive discounts.

SWAG’R’s cutting-edge platform leverages the power of augmented reality and gamification to let college students use avatars and 3D offers that appear when the user interacts with them. With the SWAG’R app, users can walk around their campus and discover an extensive range of deals and discounts in augmented reality from local vendors and popular retailers situated nearby. SWAG’R’s seamless experience is the ideal solution for college students who seek a fun way to save money on their preferred products and services.

However, SWAG’R is more than just a fun app for college students. It is an innovative marketing platform that enables brands to connect with college audiences at a fraction of the cost of traditional college advertising, making it the most cost-effective choice for brands seeking to engage this critical demographic. Brands can track results through multiple transaction options, including brick-and-mortar POS transfers, bar or QR codes, e-commerce codes, app downloads, digital gift cards, social media posts, and NFT drops.SWAG’R is an essential platform in today’s market for several reasons.

First, SWAG’R leverages advanced technologies such as augmented reality and geolocation to offer users a unique and engaging way to interact with brands. This breakthrough in brand marketing moves beyond the crowded marketplace of today, where consumers are overwhelmed with advertisements and promotions delivered on a flat HTML page.

 The results of this breakthrough experience demonstrate what a powerful tool SWAG’R can be for brands looking to activate their marketing efforts and engage with a college audience. On average, users spend 14 minutes per session with the app, and the platform boasts a 54% push notification click-through rate – over 15 times the industry standard of 3%.

Furthermore, the platform has a 39% engagement rate for daily-active users during multi-day events and a 41% promo activation rate. These impressive statistics further highlight the platform’s ability to capture and maintain user attention, making it an ideal solution for brands looking to connect with younger, digitally-savvy audiences who are often difficult to engage through traditional advertising methods.

SWAG’R has recently announced its launch on 12 campuses in Los Angeles, California, and Arizona, including USC, UCLA, ASU, and others, demonstrating the platform’s potential to reach college students. SWAG’R will also be launching with Rancho 51 and local and national brands at Coachella in April.

SWAG’R has already signed footwear and clothing brand Merrell as its first major advertiser and is deep in discussions with several other established and newer brands. If you’re a brand looking to connect with college students in a fresh and affordable way or a college student seeking a thrilling live event experience with the newest offers and unique rewards, then don’t hesitate to join the SWAG’R community now and see the difference for yourself. To learn more about SWAG’R, visit https://www.gotswagr.com/

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