Financial guru Suze Orman is who I watch when it's 1 AM in the morning and I'm feeling stressed and can't sleep because I'm too worried about the future. I listen to her money advice (Don't spend!), snuggle up with calculator and budget notebook in hand, and take comfort in her boxy suits, even that stiff eggplant one that looks like Darth Vader's nightgown. As this year's economic siege mentality sets in, Suze is an appropriate survival-guide figure. Anyway, tomorrow is your last day to download her 2009 Action Plan: Keeping Your Money Safe & Sound for free on Oprah's website. She tells the Huntington Post: 

I am so sorry to say that I think it is foolish to think that a massive stimulus package will be an insta-cure. I can only pray it will help, but recovery is not going to be quick and there are no easy solutions. So I think it is wiser to be realistic and to keep in mind that it is going to take years, my friends, to make this all right. Yes I said years — in fact I think it will be till 2015 before everyone feels hopeful about their portfolio again.

LA Weekly