A violent Jamaican gangster wanted in connection with October's quadruple homicide — at what cops describe as an “underground” restaurant in West Adams — was today placed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list. FBI officials said Marlon Jones, who uses false identities that range in age from 35 to 41, has an extensive and violent criminal record” and that he came to Los Angeles “to settle a disagreement with the rival gang.” His East Coast Jamaican crew is involved in marijuana trafficking, feds alleged.

Jones was involved in a shootout Oct. 15 at a makeshift Jamaican restaurant called Dilly's, Los Angeles Police Department officials said. Cops believe rivals shot it out with Jones; when the smoke cleared, three people were declared dead at the scene. A fourth victim died at a hospital.

Two men arrested as possible suspects, 33-year-old Mowayne McKay and 25-year-old Diego Reid, were soon released, and the investigation is still ongoing, LAPD Detective Isidro Soto said today. “He's the initiator of the incident,” Isidro said of Jones. “But there's still a lot more details we're looking into.”

An FBI statement released today put it this way:

While attending a birthday party on October 15, 2016, Jones allegedly shot and killed a rival Jamaican gang member. The party was being held at a crowded home in the West Adams District of Los Angeles, which had been temporarily converted into a restaurant, according to detectives with the LAPD’s Criminal Gangs Homicide Division, who are investigating the murders. According to detectives, an exchange of gunfire took place between rival gang members, leaving four dead and 10 others wounded.

Soto indicated that Jones' rivals were local and not East Coast–based. Federal investigators say he has ties to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Tennessee, the Virgin Islands and Jamaica. “It appears Jones was part of an East Coast Jamaican criminal group involved in the illegal distribution of marijuana, and his crew was in Los Angeles trying to settle a dispute with a rival Jamaican crew,” Special Agent Scott Garriola of the FBI’s Los Angeles Fugitives Task Force said in a statement. “Based on the nature of this crime, he will be armed and extremely dangerous.”

Feds aren't really sure who the real Jones is. He has several aliases, including Rasheen Brantley, Floyd Evans, Anthony Howard and Anthony Winter, and they believe he is a Jamaican national in the United States illegally.

He was charged by the Los Angeles County District Attorney in October with four counts of suspicion of murder. Feds stepped in about 10 days later with an arrest warrant, alleging that Jones fled L.A. immediately after the shootout in order to avoid prosecution.

He's 5 feet 10 inches, 165 pounds. Anyone with information leading to his capture and conviction could receive a $100,000 reward.

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