An LAPD shooting inside a North Hollywood Burlington Coat Factory left two dead, including a 14-year-old girl.

Los Angeles police responded to a call for an alleged assault with a deadly weapon and possible “shooting in progress” around 11:45 a.m.

LAPD officers began their search for a suspect inside the Burlington and one of the officers shot and killed a man on the second floor of the building.

As officers searched the rest of the area for possible suspects and victims, they found a 14-year-old girl seemingly shot by a stray bullet inside a dressing room. The dressing room was located behind the suspect who was shot, and investigators believed the round came from an officer’s firearm.

“During a search for additional suspects and victims, officers discovered a victim of a gunshot wound, that victim was determined deceased at scene,” LAPD said. “… one of the officer’s rounds penetrated a wall that was behind the suspect, beyond that wall was a dressing room. Officers search the dressing room and found a 14 year old female victim who was struck by gunfire.”

It is still unclear what type of weapon the suspect may have used, but police say a padlock was found on-scene.

“We did locate a steel or metal cable lock, a very heavy lock near the suspect that we believe was involved,” LAPD Assistant Chief Dominic Choi said during a press conference Tuesday. “We don’t know how it was involved yet.”

The investigation is ongoing and LAPD Assistant Chief Dominic Choi said surveillance and police body camera footage must still be reviewed before more information can be given.

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