Boutique sex store Good Vibrations has released the results of a recent survey conducted to figure out how sex toy shoppers feel about going green. (Not a euphemism.)

More people are bringing Mother Earth into their bedrooms (kinky) and sex toy companies have taken note, with recyclable packaging, products made from recycled and biodegradable materials, and rechargeable vibrating motors becoming the norm on sex shop shelves.

But Good Vibes wanted to find out if people actually give a hoot about the environment while shopping for something to shove into their (or someone else's) orifices.

Most said they gave a shit about being eco-friendly while shopping, but they were most concerned with their partners' safety than anything else. Ninety percent surveyed said buying body-safe material is their highest priority, and almost 70 percent rated it the most important factor in making a sex toy purchase. (Body-safe materials include steel, borosilicate glass, some elastomers and hard plastics, and 100 percent silicone.)

SIDENOTE: Silicone is an ideal (though more expensive) alternative to floppy jelly that many cheap vibrators and dildos feature. It's firm yet soft and will last you (almost) a lifetime if you take care of it properly. I bought my first dildo — a $60 silicone number — in 2004 and I still boil, sanitize and orgasm all over that thing without a hitch. Completely worth the cash.

Price is an issue, of course, and 81.7 percent of respondents said affordability is next in line of importance. Though it's not clear if the respondents are vegan or attempt the anti-cheese/meat/fun lifestyle, 64.8 percent wanted their handcuffs, butt plugs, lubes and other goodies free of animal products. About 57 percent cared about their sex gear being made of natural ingredients.

Come and get it..

Come and get it..

Rechargeable motors in lieu of battery-operated buzzers and products sold in (and made using) recyclable materials were important (in average) to about half of those surveyed.

It's clear that the American public — at least those not afraid of a little dildo or two — are allowing the green/organic trend to penetrate their lives and fortunately there are enough products from every corner of the sex world to cater to even the most persnickety.

So next time you're in the market for a new vibrator or something fun to try this weekend, check out the eco toys and organic lubes.

You'd be surprised what you might find, and knowing how much sex y'all have you just might do us (and the Earth) a favor by softening your carbon carnal footprint!

LA Weekly