Although we're not the healthiest people in America, Californians are, indeed, workout-crazed.

We certainly like to talk about it, anyway.

According to a new analysis of 311,360 tweets containing the terms “gym,” “workout,” “fitness,” “cardio” and “exercise,” California is the king of workout intentions.

The key word there is intentions, since it would be impossible to tell if those talking about it were actually doing it.

But the folks at, with the help of the data crunchers at Fractl, found that the Golden State was responsible for 46,542 tweets about “workout intentions,” the site says.

That was far more than any other state. Texas had 33,457 such tweets. New York had 24,275. Florida had 23,909. And New Jersey had 14,113.

The analysis also figured out the top fitness activity in California, at least according to our tweets. Can you guess what it is? Correct. Yoga.

But before you nod at this Golden State stereotype, consider this: Yoga was the most popular fitness activity across the United States, according to EllipticalReviews. 

Yeah, America is becoming California.

In the Golden State, the top fitness activities are yoga, swimming, marathons, hiking and surfing. See what fitness activities your neighborhood is tweeting about, above.

L.A.'s fitness tweets, EllipticalReviews says, “reflect the highly active and diverse fitness routines of people living in a big city.”

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