No, it's not a case of extreme localism. Rather, a head belonging to a statue of famed Hermosa Beach surfer Tim Kelly, who died in a car accident in 1964, has recently gone missing. A city historian recently discovered that the top was gone after checking on the statue in city storage, according to the Daily Breeze newspaper.

Historian Rick Koenig wants the head back and suspects some young prankster is at work. Luckily, a bronze replica of the statue — the original is fiberglass — was installed at the Hermosa Beach Pier several years ago.

Koenig doesn't think the head burglary is related to the recent theft of a bronze bust of surfter George Freeth from the Redondo Beach Pier. He just wants the noggin back. Anyone with information about the piece was asked to call 310-318-1403.

LA Weekly