The same storm that brought rain and waves to Southern California this week pumped up the surf on the North Shore of Oahu, allowing organizers of the occasional, conditions-dependent Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau contest to give the invitational a green light.

Perpetual world champ Kelly Slater was in the lead to win but San Clemente's Greg Long came from behind to take the prestigious title, named for late big-wave charger Aikau, in part by riding the biggest wave of the day and drawing a perfect score for it.

Because conditions haven't cooperated, it was the first time the Waimea Bay contest has been held in five years. According to Quiksilver, Chile's Ramon Navarro also had a strong showing at an event that has in the past been dominated by Hawaiian locals.

” … Navarro also scored a perfect ride and won the 'Monster Drop Award,' by making an incredible air drop backside and riding to the beach,” according to Quiksilver's online account of the event.

Wave faces were reportedly more than thirty feet.

LA Weekly