You have to love Microsoft for complicating the uncomplicated and making the computer experience a nightmare for going on two generations now.

The behemoth unveiled its Surface tablet in Hollywood today, and in typical Microsuck fashion, the thing “crashed badly,” according to News Photos LA. A replacement demo unit was quickly brought on-stage, apparently. Way to reveal your iPad beater.

Lulz, right? Not only that, but …

… all those extraneous elements that Apple's Steve Jobs worked so hard to omit from the computer tablet (in the form of the market-dominating iPad) in order to make it a transcendent device?

They're back!

Yeah, the Surface is basically a super thin, small netbook with a keyboard and trackpad it calls the “Touch Cover.”

Credit: Microsoft

Credit: Microsoft

Couldn't leave well enough alone, huh Microsoft? It even comes with an “Integrated Kickstand,” because holding a tablet or buying a cover is difficult.

The bestseller Steve Jobs noted that the late Apple co-founder dove into the tablet business after seeing what a crappy product the competition had. He stripped it down to the essence of the tablet and invented a new product category in the process.

Why did they choose L.A. to unveil this tablet/netbook in such original fashion (chin-scratching bald-headed dude parading onstage)?

It's all about content — entertainment content.

So, ah, don't call this thing a Zune just yet.

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