In a world where our biggest pop stars are thought to be Illuminati puppets (as evidenced by their ocular obfuscation and weird hand signs, and checkerboard patterns, butterflies and other allusions to mind control in their videos), one man has been Dirt Deviling the Satanic filth away for decades, beginning his quest in a library in Alhambra in 1959. Considered the world's preeminent researcher of occult symbology, Jordan Maxwell's work was the primary inspiration for the film Zeitgeist, which has been downloaded more than 100 million times. (Ice T, Afrika Bambaataa and Afrika Islam sampled Maxwell for their “New World Order Track” some years ago, as did Wu-Tang Clan in “The End.”) Maxwell — whose other areas of research include secret societies, astro-theology and the hidden roots of religion — has given hundreds of radio interviews and lectures (including private sessions with the likes of George Lucas and, it's rumored, an $18,000 gig in Malta.) For the past few years, Maxwell has threatened that any appearance he makes may be his last. This afternoon, Maxwell will deconstruct his new two-part video series, Mazzoroth: The Saga and Lucifer: Bringer of the New Age, in detailed lectures followed by a Q&A.

Sat., April 16, 5 p.m., 2011

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