Acetate — Super Bees, Hangmen, Railsplitters, Reventlos and other radical rock-type entertainment.

Alive/Total Energy/Disaster — Black Keys, MC5 live records, John Sinclair, Mick Farren, garage rock new & old.

Battle Axe — High-quality hip-hop: Abstract Rude, Swollen Members.

Birdman and David Katznelson's other five labels — Boredoms, Brother JT, Nusrat, young jazz kids from Compton, Alice Coltrane reissues, Don Howland, Hershel Gordon Lewis soundtracks, It Came From Memphis comps, the one Afrobeat comp worth getting, Othar Turner records, Electric Prunes live, John Frusciante crazy 7-inches, and a whole label devoted to avant-garde classical shit from the 20th century.

Century Media — Metallic variations courtesy Stuck Mojo, Skinlab, Krisiun, Cryptopsy, Voivod, loads more.

Cold Blue — The post-avant-garde “California Sound” of Chas Smith, Harold Budd, Michael Jon Fink, Jim Fox, Daniel Lentz, Ingram Marshall, James Tenney and others.

Cryptogramophone — Progressive/edge jazz and related music: Alex Cline, Nels Cline, Mark Dresser, Peter Erskine, Jeff Gauthier, Steuart Liebig, Don Preston, G.E. Stinson, Frances-Marie Uitti, Jeanette Wrate.

Dim Mak — Rock & roll: The Kills, say no more.

Dionysus — The ultimate garage/surf/rockabilly label: The Brood, Aqua Bats, the Invisible Men, tons more.

Eenie Meenie — Progressive pop: Irving, Cookbook, From Bubblegum to Sky.

Emperor Norton — Best electronic label in L.A.: Ladytron, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Arling & Cameron, Cato Salsa Experience, more more more.

The End — All manner of symphonic Euro metal, from Ukrainian band Nocturnal Mortem to excellent Norwegian black-metallers Arcturus.

Flapping Jet — Eccentricities, glam/black metal hybrids, choice punky sounds and authentic-rock mayhem.

GoodVibe — Hip-hop and its kindred spirits: Mystic, Medusa, Divine Styler, Slum Village.

Hopeless — Selby Tigers, Samiam, Weakerthans, Thrice, copious punk rock, dude.

In The Red — Feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya? Country Teasers, Boss Hog, Bassholes, Dirtbombs, etc.

Kereshmeh — Persian traditional music from Gazal to Hossein Alizadeh, Shahram Nazeri and Pejman Hadadi.

Metal Blade — Metal in all its glory, from black/death to trad to rad: Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Manowar, zillions more.

Moonshine — Dance-music compilation/remix and prog/electronic/glitter/old-school punk reissue factory spewing out everything from Christopher Lawrence to Diesel Boy to Global Underground­type live sets.

Nine Winds — Vinny Golia's advanced-jazz/new-music label; Richard Grossman, Brad Dutz, Vinny's Large Ensemble, many more.

Phthalo — Techno/experimental/electronic warp-hop label: Dntel, Phthalocyanine, Mimi & Boyd, Punisher, Vaporspace, etc.

Rekords Rekords — Queens of the Stone Age king Joshua Homme's label; they/he put out Desert Sessions Vol. 7/8 after Man's Ruin collapsed (Southern Lord helped with that one). The next one is Fatso Jetson's new album, Cruel & Delicious, which comes out in September.

Rockwell— Norwegian drum & bass hotshots DJ Tee-Bee & K, DJ Hive, E-Sassin, pertinent freaky electronic stuff. .

Rotten— Very loud and rude music by Acid Bath,Damaged, Goatwhore, Toydolls, more.

Spacebaby — Garage/underground/”new genre”/shoegazing and other sounds from the Centimeters, Eleni Mandell, etc.

Southern Lord— Black/death/Euro metal and other grim evilness for a new doomed generation.

Supa Crucial — The Angel, 60 Channels.

Vital Gesture — Black Widows, Bell Rays' back catalog, other ace true rock & roll.

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