“Shoot 'em in the face, boys!” We can't argue with the directness of this advice. The brutality is unappetizing, but the juxtaposition of such a violent sentiment amid the environs of a sedate, corporate-owned coffee shop added a much needed note of surrealism to our day. We can, however, question the logic.

This bag of coffee is destined for American soldiers in far-off lands as part of Support From Home, a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf initiative in which customers can by CBTL products to be included in care packages for American soldiers.

A good cup of joe can improve any warzone, but as one wag noted, “shoot 'em in the face” is bad advice. You want to shoot for center body mass, a much larger target. If you're off six inches in any direction, you'll still get a hit. If you're aiming at someone's face and miss by six inches to the left or right, you'll graze their ear or miss entirely. So enjoy the coffee, boys, but maybe ignore the advice.

LA Weekly