While pondering the awesomeness of America and the holiday that celebrates it, we here at Squid Ink realized that over the years we've produced a lot of content that might help in your celebration needs. So instead of making you search the web for this content, why not put it all here in one handy post?

Booze, pies and more — turn the page for five articles that will help make your holiday (and the holiday weekend after it) so much better.   

5. Liquor!

We all know what true American festivities are all about — booze! Check out our list of the Top 10 Liquor Stores in L.A. for the best places to stock up on the hard stuff (many of them also sell kegs, FYI).

Marcie's Pies; Credit: Rachael Narins

Marcie's Pies; Credit: Rachael Narins

4. Pies.

It's not the 4th of July without pie. Check out the 10 Best Pies in L.A. for the best spots around town to pick up dessert for the barbecue.

3. Grill Around The World

There's more than one way to grill like an Angeleno. Celebrate our city's awesome diversity by consuming mountains of internationally grilled items. Check out Grill Around the World in 8 Ways: Celebrating July Fourth Like an Angeleno for Japanese, German, Mexican and more grilled items.

Lindy & Grundy; Credit: A. Scattergood

Lindy & Grundy; Credit: A. Scattergood

2. Butcher Shops.

Last year we brought you 6 Great Butcher Shops For Memorial Day Grilling. Good news: Those butchers are still great, and you're allowed to use them for July 4th grilling as well.

1. Don't fuck it up.

Finally, some advice on how to make it through tomorrow without ruining everyone's day. Check out the Top 7 Ways To Ruin a Forth of July Barbecue for all the downfalls and mishaps you'll want to avoid.

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