Supplement Brand Inno Supps Starts Off Month Strong with

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Release of Men’s Vitality Product Lineup to Complement T-Drive

Inno Supps, a nutritional supplement company specializing in male vitality, is taking the industry by storm with one of its signature products, a natural testosterone booster, T-Drive. With its latest release of new supplements, the brand is focused on leveraging its vast following digital marketing acumen to meet the health needs of both men and women with natural solutions. Since Inno Supps was founded in 2019, the company has found considerable success, specifically in the male vitality market.

Recent Releases for Male and Female Vitality

Inno Supps is starting the month out strong with several new recently launched supplements to  improve male and female vitality, from the inside out.

In the men’s corner, we have Advanced Prostate Support! This brand new product provides a potent 1-2 punch targeted at the root cause of unhealthy prostate growth. Added plant sterols provide powerful support for bladder function and healthy urinary flow, while essential minerals help balance hormones for overall health and performance.

But the newest addition to Inno Supps’ male health lineup is the breakthrough men’s hair growth formula — Max Mane! This comprehensive blend of natural ingredients works by targeting the multiple root causes of hair loss at the source. It includes ingredients like:

YüthTM – This cutting edge ingredient helps hack the hair growth cycle to slow down shedding and keep your hair growing.

Saw Palmetto – This potent plant extract targets the #1 root cause of men’s hair loss  from within.

Solubilized Keratin – The most bioavailable form of keratin — the main building block of hair and skin. Supplementing with this ingredient replenishes keratin stores to help strengthen hair and help it grow.

And to help further supercharge men’s health and vitality, the company is offering a stack – the Men’s Age Defense Stack, which combines these new products with flagship supplement and top-selling testosterone booster, T-Drive. By skyrocketing testosterone levels, stimulating hair growth, and providing peak prostate protection The Men’s Age Defense stack is helping men of all ages look and feel like they did in their prime!

And for the ladies, the company recently released a series of supplements for female wellness and vitality: Complete PMS Support, Inno Drive: For Her and UT Balance. Complete PMS Support helps relieve symptoms of your period, like cramps and moodiness; Inno Drive: For Her with ingredients designed to help women balance hormones and lower cortisol and stress levels plus boost libido; and UT Balance, which provides probiotics to help maintain a healthy pH balance and antioxidant protection against bacteria in your urinary tract.

Best Selling Product, Natural Testosterone Booster T-Drive

T-Drive is carefully formulated with natural ingredients clinically shown to boost free and total testosterone levels by addressing key biological factors that interfere with testosterone production in men. Inno Supps recommends men combine T-Drive with their other supplements Nitro Wood and Night Shred, a natural blood flow booster and a powerful fat-burning sleep aid that targets belly fat and optimizes sleep, respectively. By targeting different health factors like these that can help increase the flow of testosterone, the products can be utilized together to help men find new peaks in working out, performing at their job, or engaging intimately at home.

Inno Supps Offers a Variety of Supplements for Both Men and Women

Inno Supps is a viable option for both men and women seeking supplements to help optimize sleep, muscle recovery, estrogen or testosterone production, and other health factors. With Inno Supps, customers are offered clinically backed, doctor recommended products with natural ingredients and rave reviews.

Inno Supps is a nutritional supplement company based in Las Vegas with a mission to help both men and women of all ages achieve their health and wellness goals by providing the most effective natural supplements on the market. Founded in 2019 by marketing master Kevin Gundersen, the company offers top-tier products that contain ZERO sucralose, artificial sweeteners, fillers or harmful additives — a rare find in the athletic supplement world. 

Inno Supps leaves no stone unturned when it comes to formulating the highest-quality products you can find — for the past decade, the company has been tirelessly working with teams of scientists and doctors to create the best flavored and highest quality natural supplements on the market. For more information, visit

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