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The United States-based model, popular personality, and social media influencer Yulia Foxx is now on fire on many platforms. Her thousands of fans worldwide are searching her Instagram account @foxx_yuliaand her second account @playmateyuliafoxx Also, you can get in touch with her in Connecticut too. But how does this general woman become a super famous character in the modeling field?

Yulia Foxx always loves to reveal her amazes and interacts with followers. She believes every successful story has vital facts that guide others to build themselves. So, keep your eyes and ears open. You will be surprised with Yulia Foxx turning points. Here we go!

The favorite photoshoot of popular model Yulia Foxx

By now, Yulia Foxx has posed for thousands of photoshoots. The best thing is she likes all these photos. Because she is addicted to this profession. But among them, some shoots hit the top list. So, Yulia Foxx revealed her most outstanding photoshoots with us.

First place goes to the photoshoot location took place in a mind-blowing mansion on a hot sunny day in Beverly Hills. She shared her happiness about this photoshoot through these words.

“It was one of the cheeriest days in my life because I could feel nature while doing the shoot. Without any doubt, it is fantastic!

Oh, I forget to tell you the main objective of this photoshoot. This amazing shoot that I did for a Maxim cover.” said Yulia Foxx.

Not only that, Yulia Foxx revealed her second favorite photoshoot. Guess! What can it be? The photoshoot location in Las Vegas hunted her heart again.

“That day was a bit cool, and I shivered, but I wondered about the views of the strip at night. Finally, this photo shoot was more valuable for me. Not just because of its beauty but because it was for a Playboy cover.”

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How Yulia gets ready for her photoshoot

If you are a girl, you know how you get ready to go out. But if you are a guy, you may not need much time and things to be ready.

But keep your eye on your mom, sister, wife, or girlfriend and count how many hours they take to get ready. So, what about a photoshoot? How long does the model take to get ready for it?

Actually, It is a huge project, and it is a combination of many things, including getting your hair done, makeup, outfits, etc.

“The preparation will depend on the nature of the shoot and the location. Also, another thing is, what I need to bring especially for that particular shoot.” – Yulia Foxx.

However, Yulia Foxx revealed some great tips that she follows before going to the photo shoot.

“Definitely, I get a good rest at night around 8-9 hours, and do not forget to bring lots of water to stay hydrated.” Said Yulia Foxx.

Hey girls! are you looking for the beauty tips of Yulia Foxx? So, why are you waiting for?

Yulia Foxx’s Favourable and non-favorable things about modeling

“If you are my follower on Instagram, you know how much I love my career. So, honestly, I love all thingsrelated to modeling. Sometimes I had to shoot in the ocean or pool with really cold water, freezing andsuper hot weather, as well as uncomfortable locations. But I did not consider them a headache. It is a part of my career. So, I happily participate in all of these events, and I do not forget to enjoy modeling as it is my passion.” said Yulia Foxx.

These are not only words. Yulia Foxx said this, full of emotions. So, through this statement, Yulia Foxx tried to teach you that when you select the career, you really love, the fatigue of doing anything is relieved by seeing the end result. Actually, take this as advice, not gossip.

Care routine of Yulia Foxx

At present, almost all people run for the money. Consequently, they have very busy lives. So, as a top model, Yulia Foxx is also busy with a demanding schedule.

But according to her, it is a must to prioritize the health of your body, mind, and well-being. So, she shared her workout routine with us.

“As a model, I should highly consider my body. It is a must to keep a healthy mind as a human being. So, Ido not forget to work out at my home gym 3 to 4 times a week. I do yoga sessions 2 to 3 times per week, which helps me be super healthy.” Yulia Foxx said.

Also, Yulia Foxx said that she gets a monthly facial massage. It is not enough to be healthy physically. Bubble baths do a great job of relaxing her mind.

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