Yesterday, the metal meal wagon, Grill Em All, hit L.A.'s streets, distributing burgers across the city, faster than Metallica slaps lawsuits on illegal downloaders. With burgers ranging from the Blue Cheer (with cranberry gastrique, a Maytag Blue spread and Munchos chips) to the Waste 'em All (with Smoked cheddar, marinated aniheim chilies, butter beer braised onions), this truck takes on a epic culinary crusade: “In a battle of cheese and sauce, finally burgers and heavy metal unite in harmony.” The Molly Hatchet (topped with bacon, maple syrup and a seared fennel sausage gravy) will definitely do the trick. But other than creating an easier avenue for burgers to meet faceholes, this truck ushers in a new era of music themed food trucks.

Paving the way for Sushi Sioux? Or possibly Superfuzz Bigmuffins?

(Add to our list of hypothetical food trucks straight from the punitentary after the jump)

Feel free to add a few in the comments, or just to express the sheer physical pain of being subjected to this many puns)

Sushi Sioux and the Banshees:

R. Jelly Donuts

Superfuzz Bigmuffins (or Touch Me I'm Steak)


Buns 'n' Rollses (a bread truck, maybe?)

Husker Fondue


Frying Lotus


A Taco Supreme

PB&J Harvey

Ghostface Grillah

Hot Pocket Symphony

Cheesus Lizard

Bob Barley (a beer truck?)

Depeche A la Mode

Hof Brauhaus

Torta Eclipse of the Heart

Hot Dogs of War

Iggy Pot Pies

And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Our Bread


Come to Crawdaddy (Aphex inspired Cajun?)

Whew. Damn. Can't. Go on. Must. Commit seppuku…..

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