Most guys love to “bust a cherry” – or at least brag that they've done it. With girls it's a little different. I find women prefer an experienced man; most of us have already dealt with fumbling fingers on our bra snaps.

But me, I've got to admit, I love fresh meat and I've had my share of virgin conquests. My most memorable was while working at the Bunnyranch. (Yep, the famous Nevada brothel you probably saw on HBO's “Cathouse.”)

The whole house was shocked when a mother brought in her just-turned-18 son. And they were there for me!

Now I've been in pinned into some kinky corners but a mom and son combo!!!?

Thankfully she was there to negotiate the party on behalf of her very shy and socially snubbed son. What this meant, however, was that I still had them both in my room at the same time!

“Brian” was a wreck. Not only was he a major fan of mine but here he is in his first intimate moment and mom is in the room like a shadchen in a XXX-parody of “Fiddler on the Roof!”

Me, I'm torn between the financial and the frisky because in a way this is a threesome. See, when I negotiate with a client I'm business but I'm also busy. Meaning that while I'm breaking down the pay-per program I'm also unbuttoning the shirt, loosening the belt,  kissing gently – my hands wandering sensually – but now I've got mom here talking turkey!

Frankly, I'm more action than words and so I default to what I know best and that's physical contact. I start toying and teasing with Brian and his mom is not at all moved (well maybe a little, she seems so proud of her son's response: He's smiling and wiggling in a comfortable way.)  He's getting into it and now, well, what's mom gonna do? It is, after all, Brian's birthday and his candle does needs someone with a spark.

My numbers were shocking to mom but not to Brian. If this were Monopoly he'd have traded in all his cash and tossed in Boardwalk and Park Place.

My shortcoming (honestly, no pun intended) is sex, my love for it, my understanding of how holistic and wonderfully freeing and empowering it is. Needless to say…

I gave it up for free!

Sure I could have had Brian coming quickly, but I was digging it! We teased and toyed and talked and touched and when he penetrated me for the first time (for real his first time), we both roared with laughter (his more of a giggle).

We worked that hour together in all sorts of positions and he finally came. And the afterglow was glorious for us both!

Brian and I walked arm in arm down the long corridor of the VIP wing of the Bunnyranch. And there was Moms, sitting at the bar, and when their eyes met their smiling faces shared a joy that only made me squeeze him tighter.

The awkward boy who couldn't get a date, was shunned by his peers for his clumsy, insecurities – the guy who whacked off to my movies and magazine layouts – had crossed the line!

Brian was a Man!

And Momma was proud.

And I was still hot as hell and getting hotter by the Hallmark minute.

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