“Sunset Thomas and I have a common ground — we both share a love of honesty in presenting sexuality, and it's something I've been condemned for, and the adult film industry has been castigated for. Like Sinatra, I did it my way — and so did Sunset.” – Larry Flynt

I'm known as being a bold, groundbreaking bitch in the adult industry. I did a gang-bang flick when it was taboo for boxcover girls to do it. I did an interracial scene even though that was a big no-no, too. When I went to the Bunny Ranch (the legal Nevada brothel made famous by HBO's hit series “Cathouse”) I was told by many in the business — including adult film companies — that I would never work in film again!

I still don't get that. I mean, if I had made porn stars look cheap or bad or slutty, then maybe. But my covers were on VHS and DVD, not Wheaties boxes, and hooking up with fans on the side wasn't all that uncommon so I figured why not capitalize on the fan-fuck phenomena in a safe and legal environment?

So I did it despite the warnings. As a result, I not only still was offered work in porn but also opened the doors for lots of other girls in the biz to bank at the brothels!

When I shot my final film “Into the Sunset” I decided to bring in a fan for my final sex scene. That also was unheard of, but I didn't care; it seemed like a cool send-off. Of course, I ended up doing not just Chris Bellis (my fan), but also Ron Jeremy and Marco Banderas but, well, with me if there's dick in the room, I want it!

Now I'm about to do something different again.

In the past few years I've been getting a lot of requests for sex advice. Fans email me with all kinds of questions and on occasion I even contribute to Esquire magazine's sex advice column. So I decided to take it one step further.

I'm going to be at the Green Door in Las Vegas on Oct. 29 doing a very “hands on” sex seminar. I'm going to be teaching oral sex techniques – but not with a chalk board. More like a cock board.

See, I'm going to have a male and female fan on stage and actually demonstrate my oral sex skills on them — explaining while I go, of course, though I still don't know how I'm gonna talk with my mouth full. I'll figure it out!

As a bonus, I'm going to exhibit my masturbation techniques in the same show.

It's kind of crazy, maybe, but that's my style. I'm not the talkie type. I want to teach by example. And showing folks how to suck a dick, kiss a pussy or stimulate yourself…well, for me it's easier done than said!

Thomas' sex-ed special event will take place at the Green Door in Las Vegas Oct. 29 at 10 p.m. It also will be viewable via pay-per-view at GreenDoorLV.com.

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