One of the oddest aspects to me of the sex-for-sale trade is that prostitutes won't kiss. She'll suck a guy off, eat his asshole or have him drop a load on her face, but she won't swap a little spit!

In the parlance of prostitution, the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) is perhaps the most requested and highest paying type of party. The fact is most guys are looking for intimacy — for a “girlfriend.” They want someone to cozy up to and kissing, after all, is where it all starts. It ain't called “first base” for nothing.

Personally I've never understood girls who draw the line at kissing. It's as though they're holding onto some sense of virtue. I feel more virtuous when I kiss the guy and feel I'm doing my job well in the process.

Passion starts with a kiss. It is that simple. I let my clients know right away that kissing is fine with me. Hell, I'm usually lip-locked while I'm guiding my guy to the bed — and that's before negotiations have even started!

The thought of a guy on top of me trying to plant a kiss on my lips while I wrestle my face away from his is akin to rape. That would be as if my head wasn't attached to my body! To me, that's humiliating, it's impersonal and makes me nothing but a piece of dead meat.

I want a connection and so does the guy. Kissing is the best way to show faith, commitment and emotion. I can be intimate with someone very quickly if we kiss.

If you're going to sell (or, more appropriately, rent) your body, why not be fully committed to the proposition? Why not enjoy the moment, take pleasure in the pleasing?

And hey, if you douche your pussy afterwards, you can wash your mouth out, too.

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