The reality is that most who work in legal brothels provide a form of marriage therapy. I believe that legal courtesans have saved more marriages than any 10 marriage counselors can claim.

Many of the men who patronize Nevada's brothels are married or involved in serious relationships. Sure, how healthy can that marriage or relationship be is if the guy has to get his sex at a cathouse? But I feel it's better for a couple if he visits a licensed sex worker rather than engage in a sleazy office romance, pick up a stranger, or simply allow sexual distance to destroy the relationship. He gets an intimacy fix and his rocks off, and the “other woman's” feelings never become a factor, with no fear that she'll “tell” and ruin everything.


Morality aside, there are medical realities to consider. Legal prostitutes are checked for sexually transmitted diseases weekly and condoms are legally mandated. The only safer sex is in a certifiable monogamous relationship. And aren't those relationships sexually scintillating?

With the prostitute/client relationship, pregnancy and catching/bringing home a disease isn't an issue. The price a man pays for sex with a legal prostitute is simply financial.

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