In April, Squid Ink introduced Sunset Beer Company, a new craft beer bottle shop and tasting bar that was slated to debut in May. Today, the fledgling beer store, nestled in the southeast corner of an Echo Park strip mall, remains dark. But tomorrow, the roughly 2,000 square foot establishment — touted as L.A.'s first all-beer bottle shop — will finally open its doors to the public.

General Manager and Echo Park resident Alex Macy says patrons can expect to find over 200 beers available for purchase tomorrow, and he hopes to double that number within a few weeks. “The plan is to build toward a thousand,” Macy said. “L.A. doesn't have a shop that has a thousand different beers.”

While Sunset Beer Company does not sell food, hungry imbibers can bring their own grub or order in. Customers can also drink their bottle purchases in the comfy lounge by the in-house bar, or order a draught from one of six rotating taps.

On tap for tomorrow will be Telegraph California Ale, Alesmith Speedway Stout, Brouwerij West Blond 5, and three beers from Eagle Rock Brewery — Dortmunder Export (a German-style lager), Manifesto (a Belgian-style Witbier), and Populist (an American IPA).

As for the bottle selection, organizing hundreds of craft beer bottles (and cans) is nothing if not a challenge. “It's kind of like a game of Tetris to get it all in [the refrigerators],” Macy says. “But it's also a game of Tetris to get stuff that's good, approachable, and that kind of fills in all the categories.”

And even though purchasing is sure to become more complicated, Macy plans to stick to a simple curatorial philosophy. “If I like it, we'll carry it,'” he says. “If I don't like it, it'll be a real struggle for me to carry it. But I try not to dislike too many beers.”

Sunset Beer Company will open its doors at noon tomorrow. The tasting bar will begin pouring draughts at 1:00 p.m.

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