Sunny Sushi on Hyperion Ave. in Silver Lake was a little bit sad. Tiny, rather dingy and usually empty, the restaurant was a place to go when you wanted easy affordable sushi and didn't care too much about ambiance. And then it went away. 

Last week, a new sushi spot cropped up in its place: WTF Sushi. The WTF stands for “What The Fish,” and the ambiance, at least, has gotten a major overhaul.


The back of the restaurant is taken up by a giant WTF sign, lit up with bulbs like the marquee of a Broadway show. The tiny room is a mix of grey concrete and bright red accents, including wire cage fixtures around the lights over the sushi bar. The place looks good, especially compared to its predecessor. 

There's still an emphasis on value, with a $13.95 dinner sushi combination (pictured above) that includes seven pieces of nigiri and a spicy tuna or California roll. Regular sushi rolls are $3.95, though there's a long list of premium rolls for $7.95-$14.95. Blowtorches and dynamite sauce are often involved. 

All that said, at this point the quality of the place is not going to bowl you over. Rice tastes like plain white rice without any seasoning, and much of the fish has that slightly waterlogged quality to it. But still, it's an improvement over what was there beforehand. Plus, they deliver. 

WTF Sushi; Credit: B. Rodell

WTF Sushi; Credit: B. Rodell

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