View photos from Sunday at the Sunset Junction in Timothy Norris' slideshow.

The sausage smell has dissipated and the spinning vomitron has been dismantled but the remnants of Sunday's Sunset Junction still hang outside the Jiffy Lube and Rough Trade. Thank your local deity that it wasn't as blistering as most years, helping amateur albinos and gingers alike to mosey freely without the impending fear of lobsterification. But speaking of diversity, this year's Junction didn't have the same cultural mix that has met at the intersection of Sunset and Santa Monica in prior years.

Maybe it was the $20 ticket price, maybe original neighborhood residents have moved away, or maybe many people chose to watch Morris Day & the Time in the comfort of their own homes. One concert-goer postulated that last year's stringent policies, including a fee for bringing in dogs, scared people away from enduring the hassle of the festival. A Fire Department officer said that they thought the economy was to blame.

Despite the desolate emptiness of the festival during the day, small groups (of some small-sized teenagers) gathered for the intercontinental pop flavor of Fool's Gold and Local Natives. Local favorites Mika Miko delivered an as-to-be-expected healthy dose of rockitude and ever-lasting Sonics rolled out some old school sounds.

So in response to the seemingly low level of attendance, West Coast Sound performed some highly unscientific examinations of the festival to get to the bottom of the lackluster turnout.

From the Twitterverse:

@underadeadsky Silverlake smells like old beer and looks like Beirut right now. Thanks Sunset Junction!

@taryninstereo Overheard at Sunset Junction: “This is the band I listened to when I took a lot of acid.” – Woman on Built to Spill

@Hollywood_Ken Man, what a crazy night last night at Sunset Junction, and still no roasted corn!! Ugh! Gotta wait another year now. Hot guys, though… 🙂

@leszektheblack SUNSET JUNCTION: awesome out tha waa-zoo.

Where did all the bears go? Something's afoot…

Read Nikki Darling's report on Saturday's Sunset Junction activities here. Colin Young-Wolff took some great photos of Saturday's Junction festival. His slideshow can be found here.

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