Attention all Twihards:

If you responded to a casting call that was posted on the Website, and have been wondering when you're going to get that life-altering phone call telling you to prance around with Edward and the gang … don't hold your breath.

It seems we may have a huckster in our midst.

According to a lawsuit, first reported by Courthouse News Service, the company Summit Entertainment, which produced and distributed the Twilight movies and owns a ton of Twilight-related trademarks, is suing the man behind the apparently duplicitous Website.

Summit, which produced such films as “The Hurt Locker” and “American Pie,” claims that Tom Markkson registered the domain name back in 1994, some 14 years before the first Twilight movie was released.

After the movie became a success, however, Markkson began posting material related to the film – copyrighted material, says Summit.

The company accuses Markkson of posting links to unauthorized movie contests and fake casting calls, “leading consumers to believe that they had reached the official Twighlight Motion Picture website.” (A claim you may find hard to believe after viewing Markkson's simplistic website.)

Markkson, claims Summit, made money off the website using banner advertising, sponsored links and click-through advertising.

According to the lawsuit, when Summit sent Markkson a letter at his homes in San Mateo, Calif. and Honolulu, Hawaii to cease and desist, Markkson initially ignored them and then denied Summit's allegations that he was infringing on the company's trademarked property.

Summit is trying to make Markkson take down his site. So far, it appears, Markkson is not budging.

LA Weekly