Imagine putting this in your mouth: breast milk lollipops. Yes, candy purveyor Lollyphille has rolled out candy that tastes like breast milk, which they're selling four for $10. They're also offering free shipping if you use the discount code 'mammals' at checkout. Really.

Unlike certain ice cream parlor shops, no human milk was actually used, for which most of us are extremely grateful. In fact, no milk at all is used, as the lollipops are vegan.

Flavor scientists did all the work and extracted the flavor from their milking mother friends. From the website: “These lollipops won't bring back childhood memory; they'll bring up animal instinct. Quite possibly the most inherently satisfying flavor of all time.”

The San Francisco-born company has been putting out unconventional candy flavors for over five years. They were the inventors of the Sriracha pop and also have horchata, maple-bacon and absinthe (yes, it's legal) confections on tap.

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