By now, it shouldn't be news to many that Tool/Puscifer/A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan owns a small winery based in Arizona, or that he's planning to release a documentary about… well, that winery come February 2010.

A trailer was released in May revealing not only that the producers of the Moog doc were on board, but that Keenan was going to talk all kinds of serious shit, like, “It's like writing a song. You wanna let the sounds happen in a room, and just go with it. […] We let the grape speak for itself.” Haters will surely note that the name of Keenan's winery, Caduceus, can be pronounced with unflattering emphasis on second and third syllables.

What is news, however, is that said feature-length adv– err, documentary, Blood Into Wine, seems to feature appearances from Tim & Eric, Milla Jovovich, and Patton Oswalt. While there was no sign in the previously released preview clip of any sort of cheekiness, a brand new trailer plants tongue firmly therein, kicking off with an uncredited Bob Odinkirk playing the role of an unhinged viticulturist instructing the audience to “Suck off the tool” — a line one has to assume Keenan's delivered scores of times before considering the hearsay on his backstage fellatio fests.

All of which helps elicit an unsolicited chuckle when it's revealed that one of the wines is named after Keenan's mother. Make no mistake — the man is quite serious about what he does. It's just a little perverse that tasters of Nagual Del Judith will be given the same option as the alleged groupies: Spit, or swallow.

LA Weekly