Stunna Girl Knows Where You Belong: Sacramento rapper Stunna Girl has released new single “Where You Belong.” The is the latest drop from her recently released Stunna This Stunna That mixtape, on Epic Records.

“All morning and all night long; You ain’t laying next to me, I’m FaceTiming your phone; Come home to me ’cause you know where you belong,” she croons as the song opens. Clearly, some idiot is treating the lady improperly and ignoring her. Tsk.

It’s a chill, almost melancholic tune. Stunna tells it like it is, but she’s clearly upset with proceedings until things take a turn for the better. Meanwhile, the visual tells the story. Of course, the dude in question eventually sees sense and puts a ring on that finger.

Stunna Girl Knows Where You Belong: The “Where You Belong” single is out now.

LA Weekly