Hooray! I'm gonna live forever!

The Telegraph in the U.K. reports that consuming Roquefort and other moulded cheeses may explain why French women have such a long life expectancy.

Long known as “the French paradox,” scientists have been baffled as to why the French live longer than any other nationality in Europe while simultaneously consuming a diet high in salt and fat. Consumption of red wine has been thought partly to blame, but, as the scientists in this new study say, “Observations indicate that consumption of red wine alone cannot explain the paradox and perhaps some other constituents of the typical French diet could be responsible for reduced cardiovascular mortality.”

They found that Roquefort in particular has anti-inflammatory properties, and that these properties worked best the riper the cheese. Presumably the benefits would be present in other moulded cheeses. The scientists, a group of doctors at a Camridge-based biotech company, said, “We hypothesize that cheese consumption, especially of moulded varieties, may contribute to the occurrence of the 'French paradox.' Moulded cheeses, including Roquefort, may be even more favorable to cardiovascular health.”

Best. News. Ever.

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