Did you know that a little over 90 percent of Generation Y does the smartphone while sitting on the toilet?

This survey says so! (We realize we're like two weeks late on this, but our favorite AM station just mentioned it this morning, and it's way too newsworthy and hard-hitting and relevant to pass over cold-turkey.)

The survey also says other stuff we always really wanted to know but never knew we did, like…

… which gender is guiltiest of phoning on the pot and which type of phone is most often subjected to this filthiness. Answer: Dudes! On Androids!

Then again, the survey of 1,000 Americans shows that Blackberry users actually talk on the phone way more often. And iPhone users partake in silent touch-screen activities like Internetting and apping around at a higher rate, which says they're just shamed and closet-filthy.

11mark, the company that conducted the survey — one of those vague new-age startups describing itself as “an integrated marketing agency that serves up innovative communications solutions”; no idea — has provided a sweet infographic of the results.

Hope it shows up all right on your Android, you nasty bastard!

Credit: 11Mark

Credit: 11Mark

And there are even more scary-awesome factoids from the long version:

  • 60 percent of Gen Y has used an app in the bathroom, compared to 8 percent of the “Silent Generation.” We're kind of just surprised the latter knows what an app is.
  • 22 percent of iPhone users say they make online purchases on the toilet. That's more than double the shopping rate for other phones. Obviously because Apple fanboys are the worst of the consumer whores.
  • You're about 10 percent less likely to use your phone in the bathroom if you're married or have kids. Children: The app you can never turn off.

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