The Studio City Neighborhood Council's Environmental Affairs Committee just officially unveiled this snazzy little video urging residents to “talk to your landscaper” and urge him to avoid gas-powered leaf blowers. (Funny, 'cause people in Studio City talk to their landscapers. People in other parts of the city? Are the landscapers).

Now, we know you're thinking, wow, people are dying in Haiti, the city is under water (and so are City Hall's finances), and traffic sucks, so what we really need is less gas-powered leaf blowers. But hear us out. As the video points out, the blowers spread particulates, ozone-depleting exhaust and even fecal matter into the air. I mean, there's more crap coming from these things than from NBC's publicity department these days.

And you know who did the voice work on the video, right? Mr. Hollywood Environmentalist himself, Ed Begley Jr! For real. The Studio City Neighborhood Council and Begley want to remind you that its illegal in city of Los Angeles to use such a leaf blower within 500 feet of a residence. Has been for years. Plus, there are electric alternatives. (We did not know that).

The answer my friend? It's not blowin' in the wind. It's right there in the video.

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