StrideCharge: Cyclists Can Now Hit the Road with No Need to Stop for ‘Gas’

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If you have ever ridden a bicycle, then you know the anticipation you feel when you push off and start pedaling. The world is in front of you, and you can go almost anywhere, including down those alleys that are too small for a car. While a bike gives you a lot of freedom to explore, there has always been one chain that drags along behind it: your need to either stay in touch with people back home or, at the very least, know where you’re going. Thus your cell phone, which, as any cyclist knows, has an uncanny ability to die right when you need it most. StrideCharge is the solution: with its patent-pending wireless Charging Phone Case and Mount for bicycles, there is no longer any need to break your focus by stopping at convenience stores to charge up.

Before you get nervous about the thought of attaching your phone to your handlebars, remember this: with StrideCharge you can securely mount your phone to your handlebars and charge it wirelessly with the touch of a button. The Mount is easy to install. StrideCharge knows that while we may be living in the DIY age, tools secretly fill many of us with anxiety. Simplicity is the name of the game: you don’t need a wrench or screwdriver to attach the Mount, as no tools are required. The Mount fits handlebars that are between 25-40 mm in diameter.

What about durability? A cyclist can be riding along on smooth pavement one second and hit gravel, rocks, or other rough ground the next, so you need a mount that can roll with the punches. The secret to the ability of StrideCharge’s product to withstand vibrations lies in its materials: ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethanes). Extensive testing by StrideCharge’s team, who are cyclists, showed that by incorporating them in the Mount and Charge Case, riders could confidently navigate bumpy trails or uneven roads without worrying about the impact on their phones.

A charger that allows you to keep your iPhone’s battery charged throughout your ride? That absorbs shocks? So far so good, but what about actually being able to use the phone even as it’s charging? No problem. It has been engineered to give you this ability, too.

So, what has been the result of StrideCharge’s innovation? As you would expect, there has been a lot of interest in the simple, no-slip, tight-grip mount/charger that enables cyclists to ride without stopping to recharge their phones. StrideCharge is also entering a strong secondary market with people who play golf or hike and even with young mothers who have strollers.

What may be the most important benefit of StrideCharge’s iPhone mount/charger, however, is this: how it helps the average cyclist mentally. Think about it: when you ride your bicycle, you are escaping from the daily grind of your regular life. You leave behind your career pressures, relationship issues, and any worries you have and simply ride. You get into a rhythm as you ride and concentrate on pedaling, leaning into turns, and going just a little faster – and as a result, you feel more adrenaline and have a clearer mind.

With StrideCharge’s innovation, that zen mindset will no longer be interrupted by a dying cell phone. It is not a stretch to say that this, in turn, may lead you to more inner peace, more creativity, and better overall health.

So, the next time you have the urge to hop on your bike and go explore, remember to take StrideCharge along with you. Only this time, enjoy what it’s like to simply ride without that chain dragging behind you. Don’t worry about whether or not your phone is charged. Just ride.

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