Los Angeles street artist Plastic Jesus is at it again.

He's the man behind the “No Kardashian Parking” street signs and the Oscar statue shooting up heroin.

This time around, his target is presidential hopeful Donald Trump, who's in Southern California for the GOP candidates debate this afternoon. Trump is not the most popular guy in L.A., what with his penchant for blaming crime on immigrants.

The Plastic Jesus creation this time is a series of $100 dollar bills adorned with Trump's image. They're wrapped with currency straps that say “completely worthless.”

The bills also feature a border wall and crossed assault rifles.

“On the eve of the Republican leadership debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley … controversial L.A. street artist Plastic Jesus has created authentic-looking bundles of 'worthless' Donald Trump $100 bills,” a representative of the artist said in a statement.

The art pieces were unveiled to take advantage of Trump's Southern California appearance, but the public probably won't get an in-person look at them until Oct. 1-4, when they're scheduled to be exhibited at Street Art Fair International's “Street” event at Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.

Until then, enjoy the photos, our fellow Americans.

Credit: Courtesy Plastic Jesus

Credit: Courtesy Plastic Jesus

Credit: Courtesy Plastic Jesus

Credit: Courtesy Plastic Jesus

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