Toni Basil is more than the cheerleader-garbed singer who chanted, “Oh, Mickey, you’re so fine!” in the ’80s. A lot more.

Basil was in fact a top dancer and choreographer before hitting it big with her catchy number “Mickey,” shaking it on the ’60s music variety show Hullabaloo! and later, helping to choreograph the famed 1964 concert program The T.A.M.I. Show, plus a slew of classic films including the Monkees’ 1968 cult fave Head.

The ’80s may come to mind for most when they hear her name, and her resume the past couple decades is even more impressive- she’s worked with David Byrne, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Bette Midler and Tina Turner to name but a few, was a part of bringing street dance and pop-locking to the mainstream with the dance troupe The Lockers, and most recently worked on Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood.

But her expertise in the swingin’ 60s provides the basis for a lot of the dance culture she helped influence. So it’ll be a real treat to join her for this Zoom series promising a “deep dive into the spectacular era of the 60’s”  focusing on the era’s steps and shimmies back-dropped by groovy grinds and film clips from the decade.

More than your average dance class, this event with the woman Quentin Tarantino called the “Goddess of GoGo” promises to blow your mind more than Mickey ever did.

Sundays, July 5, 12 and 19,  at 4 p.m.; $10 per class. Register at

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