Jenette Goldstein, proprietress of Jenette Bras–bras for “the overdeveloped and underserved“–hosted an artsy modern dance bra event at her store recently. If you'd driven by the store on Melrose Avenue last week you'd have seen scantily clad women dancing in the windows. You may have gotten into a car accident ogling the women. They were all gorgeous and amply endowed and wearing pretty, strappy, bondage-esque bras by Dutch designer Marlies Dekkers.

Here are some photos from the event. Goldstein called it “Strapping Lasses.” The name works on multiple levels. On the one hand, it is an homage to the style of bra Dekkers designs. On the other, it reminds you that in these economically strapped times, you have to get creative to keep your merchandise moving.

Proprietress Jenette Goldstein. Fans of the Alien franchise may remember her as the ass-kicking Private Vasquez.

The bra from the back. See the straps? These bras are so cute it's more of a fashion crime not to let the straps show.

This was the kind of action happening within the store. Girls dancing in the rafters.

This is Tarren Johnson. She's a dance student, if you can't tell. She and the other models are all students of choreographer Rosanna Gamson.

Johnson, busting a move in the front window.

Shanna Malcolm, theater student. Every fifteen minutes or so, the girls would all synchronize movements.

As the sign in the back indicates, this lovely lady is one of Jenette Bras' staff members. That bra she's wearing is a Marlies Dekkers; retails for around $135.

Carin Noland, dancing in the space above the fitting rooms. The set design, conceptualized by Goldstein's husband, was centered around an industrial/manufacturing theme. Noland would fling these fabric bra cut-outs across the room on a cable zip-line thingy.

Jay Jackson, playing the part of “The Engineer.” You know it's an art show if the guys are wearing taller heels than the girls.

Choreographer Rosanna Gamson. She's done shows at the Getty and REDCAT. That night, her students were paid “in bras” for their dance services.

The performance continued out in the back courtyard.

The grand finale.

Pointing toes in the foreground in the red bra and panties, dancer Merisha Mesihovic.

Tarren Johnson, Lindsay Newton and Alice Holland. Dance students. Bra models.

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