SFV Acid “Acid Jam”

While perusing the line-up for Club Ding-a-Ling tonight at Silver Lake's Hyperion Tavern, I stumbled across SFV Acid. As the name would imply, SFV Acid mastermind Zane Reynolds hails from the San Fernando Valley (there are references to Valley locations in his song titles as well). He releases his work on cassettes with handmade covers and performs both as a live artist and DJ. Reynolds told LA Weekly that tonight's gig will be a mix of live and DJ work.

Judging from the material I found, SFV Acid's sound rides a fine line between dance floor fodder and chillout fare, using repetitive rhythmic patterns to create a trance-like ambience without actually stepping into trance as a genre. Check out the videos below.

SFV Acid “Summer's Vage Cloud”

SFV Acid “Live at Synchronicity, 7/25/09”

LA Weekly