Lewis and Martin, Stiller and Meara, Rowan and Martin, the Smothers Brothers: If none of those names rings a bell, it's because stand-up comedy duos are getting to be a thing of the past. More rare are girl comedy teams. (Can you name one? Us either.) [Ed.: Hope Garfunkel & Oates aren't reading this.] But even more rare than that are girl comedy teams where one's gay and the other's straight. Imagine the possibilities: two views on the perks of female vs. male genitalia, two views on dressing to attract, two views on camel toes. Carlie and Doni, best friends since community college — although not an “item” — have already thought through all these issues in their highly unusual musical-comedy routine, Carlie & Doni: Magical Comedy Ride. To get it straight: Doni's (last name's Carley) the self-professed “lesbo.” Carlie's (last name's Mantilla) the straight girl but doesn't play the straight man (er, woman) as the pair regales audiences with original tunes and sketches about gangsta waitresses, bikini waxes (“Ouch it fucking hurts”) and the art of stiffing hobos. With or without the bikini wax, they're a scream. Santa Monica Playhouse, 1211 Fourth St., Santa Monica; Fri., Sept. 23, 8 p.m.; $30, $20 in advance. (310) 394-9779, santamonicaplayhouse.com.

Fri., Sept. 23, 8 p.m., 2011

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