Stormy Daniels happily admits that she loves few things more than irritating Trump, or in her words, “the evil one.” This comes as no surprise, and frankly, it’s been a joy watching her annoy the shit out of him via her book, talk show appearances and a particularly memorable turn hosting Saturday Night Live.

But now, with the help of Tidal Wave Productions, she’s taking things up a level. A new comic book called Stormy Daniels: Space Force will surely make the president’s piss itch on a variety of levels. Not only does it parody his much-ridiculed Space Force program in a more outlandish fashion than the recent Steve Carell Netflix series while presenting Daniels as a Barbarella-esque space hero in a Star Wars-ish universe, but the story includes a grotesque, orange villain called Ordon. Not hard to guess who that’s based on.

Infuriating Trump, while undoubtedly great fun, wouldn’t mean much if the comic book wasn’t good. Fortunately, it’s a riot. Racy adult humor and plenty of in-jokes have resulted in a title that will appeal to fans of the aforementioned Barbarella as well as Mel Brooks’ Space Balls.

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The relationship between Daniels and Tidal Wave began in an unconventional manner. The comic book publishers produced a title called Political Power: Stormy Daniels as part of their biography series, but Daniels wasn’t involved. In fact, she was promoting her book at the time and so was not exactly pleased that other people were benefiting from her name.

“They did a comic book version of my story and I had no knowledge of it until some fans started bringing them to my appearances to have me autograph them,” Daniels says on the phone. “Around the same exact time I got a nasty message from somebody at my publishing company because my book was either just about to come out or had just come out. I had my team contact Tidal Wave and go after them pretty aggressively — a cease and desist because they were using my trademarked name and image. They came back and were super apologetic and cool, and said, ‘What if we make some changes that you like?’ And then, ‘It’s a little too late to pull it or do anything about it, but what if we make a donation to charity.’ If you can’t beat them, join them.”

Darren Davis is the head at Tidal Wave, and the co-creator and writer of Stormy Daniels: Space Force. He says that the original Political Power run was actually great timing on their part, as it led to an even better comic creation.

“A year later, I heard back from one of the people that threatened us, and he said, ‘We want to work with you guys — what if we re-did the comic book, added some new pages to it, Stormy will do the foreword to it, and she’ll even edit it’,” Davis says. “I thought it was a great idea. Then we were going to donate a percentage of the proceeds to Wounded Warrior on her behalf on the sales of the book. So we decided to work with her, and we changed it from Political Power: Stormy Daniels to Female Force: Stormy Daniels.”

When that went well, Daniels and Tidal Wave wanted to continue working together.  Davis went away, had a think session, and came back to Daniels with the concept for Space Force.

“He came to me and said he had this idea, and I was like ‘Oh my God!’,” Daniels says. “He sent me the concepts. Initially, it was a little more of a Star Trek-y vibe, and I was like ‘Woah, I’m a Star Wars kind of girl — we’re going to have to make a couple of adjustments.’ He made my character like a space pirate. I love me some Han Solo — he does not know, but he was one of my first loves. So my character is like a space pirate, leading the rebels. My sidekick, like Chewie to Han, is a little alien pet based off of my dog Munch who recently passed away but was very famous with my fans.”

In addition too Munch, fans of Daniels, Star Wars, and all political junkies will savor the little tributes and Easter eggs that are all over the book. But none are more enjoyable than the villainous Ordon.

“It’s all fun and tongue in cheek,” Daniels says. “I don’t take anything entertainment-wise too seriously. People always ask me if I think I’ll use this to become a mainstream actor. At no point in my 20-plus year career in porn did I have that delusion. Some girls honestly do and I feel sorry for them. ‘Oh, I’m going to use porn as the stepping stone to become the next Meryl Streep.’ No bitch, you suck dick for money. This is a comic book to make people smile, which is what we all need right now.”

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(Tidal Wave)

Artist Pablo Martinena says that he was able to draw inspiration from the real Stormy Daniels when drawing her space pirate character. He must have done a good job; there will be four initial books leading to a trade hardcover, the series will be ongoing, and it’s now being considered for an animated series.

“I don’t want to jinx it so I don’t want to say too much, but the only place I can imagine something like that ending up would be Adult Swim, which would be right up there with how amazing and excited I was when I got to do SNL,” Daniels says. “Those are things I never thought were a thing. Getting off stage on SNL, I said it was the best day of my whole life. I want to be sister wives with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.”

“We got the screenplay from the manager,” adds Davis. “They’re going around pitching that now. Stormy will voice her part. We might have dog toys too. A company is interested in doing something with us. It’s super weird but I’m OK with that.”

That company is Chomp-A-Chump Trump, branded as “America’s greatest Donald trump parody squeaking pet toy,” and Daniels was already working with them before the idea of a Space Force dog toy of some kind was born. This whole idea has legs. So where would Daniels like to see the story go?

“It’s 2020 and the way that things are evolving, anything that I could possibly come up with that is far fetched enough to be in a comic book storyline, reality is going to be like ‘Bitch, hold my beer’ and it’s going to give us something better,” she says. “Me living out my personal fantasies on my head, I’d like to see the Orange One exposed for exploiting women and I’ll lead an uprising of angry rogue pirates called the Pussy-Grab-Backers or something, and we’ll go after him and create a better life for the people of the republic.”

Daniels pauses, then adds: “While also getting our nails done and being fabulous, obviously.”


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