A few crucials from the Stones Throw roster — though it’s pretty ?much ALL GOOD:

MADVILLAIN: On this duo’s ’04 debut LP, Madvillainy, Madlib’s mellifluously noisy abstractions of beats, harmonicas, xylophones, church organs and a zillion other things are shaped with the cool hand of a big jazz pro. It’s all then juxtaposed offa MF Doom’s deceptively sleepy, schizophonic “rhymes” about supervillains, alkies, giant lizards and the apocalypse. Twenty-two cuts with no choruses, madness prevails. New album in the works.

PERCEE P: Been around a long time, just now getting his props. He’s been called a big influence on Pharoahe Monch, done powerful raps with Daddy Kane, Kool Keith, Aesop Rock, Jurassic 5 and DJ Shadow. Blew the house down at the El Rey during Stones Throw’s recent 10th-anniversary show. Album produced by Madlib, coming soon.

KOUSHIK: Downbeat shuffling beats get colored with a poppy psychedelia on this Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist’s Be With CD, and he sings so gently you want to go to sleep — and that’s good.

J. ROCC: The famous Beat Junkie is arguably the greatest turntablist, period. Incredible mutations down into the molten core of funk, jazz, R&B, cartoons, TV and all points in between. He’s got one coming out soon on Stones Throw; meantime seek out his collaboration with Babu on Soundbombing, Vol. 2.

DUDLEY PERKINS: He sings on most of Madlib’s stuff, in a new vocal style tinged with a timeless introspective soul — except when he fonks it up, which he can do in the rawest, truest ways. His album Expressions (2012 A.U.) was produced by Madlib.

YESTERDAY’S NEW QUINTET: Featured on the label’s Sound Directions disc, produced by Madlib; tastefully cracked explorations in sampled and played trad-jazz idioms.

GARY WILSON: The oddest duck in an often very strange pack. Wilson’s relation to hip-hop’s lineage is shaky musically, but then he is so incredibly weird that his presence on Stones Throw is logical. (Wolf just happened to dig Gary Wilson; it was his fuggin’ prerogative.) Gary’s Mary Had Brown Hair disc includes the smash hit “She Makes Me Think of Endicott.”

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