Few details are known yet, so let's start with the facts. In late August, Stones Throw Records announced its new partnership with Dutch artist Parra, who's work has previously been seen on STR goods, like James Pants' 2008 debut, Welcome. But Parra's got his own thing going on — namely, a T-shirt imprint called Rockwell that features his bizarre avian characters engaging in all sorts of activity from the high-class to the sort that involves a bare ass (seen to the right). But we digress.

(More info and ONE OF THE COOLEST DIGITAL FLYERS we've ever seen***, which you don't wanna miss, after the jump)

***possibly NSFW, if your work has a problem with semi-abstract birds.

As for the aforementioned partnership, Stones Throw has become the exclusive North American distributor for Rockwell. And in honor of this, not only are they selling a whole bunch of sweet Parra threads online, but they're planning a three-day pop-up shop somewhere in the city, starting on Black Friday and continuing through the weekend.

The location is currently billed as “somewhere hidden in the City of Angels,” and knowing Stones Throw, the event itself will probably involve some serious beats. Apparently, you can email this address to get hip to the specifics as they come.

Now check out the coolest digital flier ever:

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