They say the neon lights are bright … in L.A. You heard right. Broadway ain't got nuthin' on this town when it comes to this gaseous element. So if you've never taken a Museum of Neon Art Cruise, which has been blowing the minds of Angelenos since 1985, get enlightened. It starts at the museum with a brief tour and wine-and-cheese reception. Then, the real fun begins. You hop on a bright-red double-decker bus, accompanied by more wine and cheese for continual fortification throughout the three-hour ride. If the weather permits, grab a top-deck seat for a 100 percent unhampered view of Hollywood and downtown, where you'll not only see prime examples of neon, but you'll also have an excellent vantage point from which to spot muggings, drug deals and other colorful, local behavior. (Watch out for low-hanging tree branches!) As your bus lumbers past the signs of Canter's Deli, the Frolic Room and Philippe's French Dip Sandwiches, neon expert Eric Lynxwiler provides electrifying narration. He truly lights up when he gives a plug to the elaborate movie-theater marquees and contemporary art installations of the medium. However, his shining moment arrives when he pontificates on the science and art that comprise neon, so much so that you'll no longer be in the dark.

Sat., Oct. 16, 7:30 p.m., 2010

LA Weekly