There was a bona fide party on the 110 South this chilly morning, when an SUV with stolen plates was pulled over after an LAPD chase on the 5 from Burbank.

Guess who tumbled out?

A casually dressed rat pack of seven ladies and one guy — the last of whom was definitely doing some 8 a.m. pimpin' in the stolen black Ford Expedition.

While L.A. commuters, backed up for miles, cursed the traffic gods, LAPD officers laid out all eight suspects in the middle of the road, from the looks of the KTLA footage.

The driver and at least one passenger were reportedly cuffed; no word on the fate of their gaggle of clown-car comrades. One thing we're pretty sure they're all guilty of: double buckling.

Were you on the 110 South near Elysian Park this morning? If so, we're sorry. KTLA reports that “some cars were even trying to turn around and head back to the 5.” And they didn't even have a sweaty naked guy to provide bumper-to-bumper entertainment.


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