An eponymous biography of Napoleon first published in 1926 survived world war, television, and the rise and fall of most socialist states, but you could say at least one copy has been a victim of sticky fingers: It was stolen from a library 60 years ago and only recently came home.

A Beverly Hills-area dweller recently sent the tome back to its home library in Toledo, Ohio, according to the Westside newspaper Canyon News. The guilt was too much and, after keeping the book since palming it in 1949, the reader recently sent it back anonymously with a remorseful letter.

Napoleon will spend the holidays back at the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library in what the thief described in the note as “excellent” and “good condition.” The reader was self-identified as an “ex-Toledoan,” and the package the book was sent in was postmarked in Beverly Hills.

The writer stated that “carrying guilt for 60 years is a terrible thing.”

One more thing the book might not have survived: The internet. This particular title is now available on Google Books, for free.

LA Weekly