Stitching Stories: The Vibrant Artistry of Katia Herrera Backhoff, Embroidery on Paper Artist at BORDÉ

In the kingdom of art, there exists a personality that not only creates but also dares to redefine the very boundaries of creativity. Katia Herrera Backhoff, the imaginative force steering BORDÉ by Katia, is a testament to this.

With a background in industrial design, her keen eye for form and structure adds a unique dimension to her creations. It equips her with the essential skills of art, composition, and colorimetry.

Katia’s career took off as a wedding photographer, which later led her towards publicity and commercials. This made her well-versed in editing, production, design, and social media management. These skills empowered her with an exceptional flair for embroidery on paper. It motivated her to refine this craft and reshape a distinctive niche within the artistic realm.

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1. A Stitch in Time: The Genesis of BORDÉ by Katia

BORDÉ’s journey began in 2020 during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Seeking solace and creativity, Katia infused mixed media art into photographs. What emerged was a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern design, where threads came to life on paper.

Using conventional embroidery stitches adapted to paper, Katia added texture and color to images. This brought visually stunning photos with a unique twist to life.

2. Crafting Colorful Narratives: The Essence of BORDÉ

What sets BORDÉ apart is the skillful technique of embroidery on paper and the infusion of Mexican culture. Proud of her Mexican heritage, Katia incorporates vibrant colors in a modern, creative approach. Each stitch is meant to share a story that adds an extra layer of texture and a burst of color to every image. It creates a visually stunning and emotionally resonant experience for every art enthusiast.

3. A Flourish of Achievements: Katia’s Art in the Limelight

Since 2020, Katia’s art career has been on the rise. Katia’s art is touching hearts worldwide as her social media following booms. Getting featured in Magnolia Magazine and collaborations with big-name companies have given her work an extra boost.

Through her blogs, she shares her artistic journey and builds connections with a diverse global audience.

4. Looking Ahead: Ambitions and Future Goals

Katia’s ambitions for the future resonate with her commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship while pushing the boundaries of modern design. Katia envisions taking BORDÉ beyond embroidery by adding modern twists and combining it with history. She strives to craft a seamless fusion of tradition and contemporary artistry.

5. Connect with Katia: The World of BORDÉ 

BORDÉ by Katia has truly reshaped the landscape of art. With the threads on paper, Katia transforms her art into vibrant narratives. Katia Herrera Backhoff is more than an artist; She’s a storyteller, weaving tales of culture, color, and creativity through the timeless art of embroidery on paper.

For those captivated by Katia’s work, the journey doesn’t end here. Engage with the vibrant world of BORDÉ through social media platforms. Follow the brand on Instagram, explore captivating visuals on TikTok, and connect on Facebook. Indulge in the treasure trove of inspiration for art enthusiasts by visiting its Pinterest.

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