Every year, it's somewhat of a letdown to see that the throngs attending Topanga Days aren't patchouli-oiled, dirty-feet hippie types but regular people who look very much like the rest of us. Bummer. Still, it's a groovy vibe and there are always a handful of freak flag flyers. What's new this year? Well, the organizers are hinting “at the possibility of a tug-o-war contest.” The main stage will feature Jim Messina (Sat.), Maggie Mayall with John Mayall (!!), Lee Rocker (all on Sun.) and the Fabulous Thunderbirds (Mon.). The kids' area is really great, with tons of games and a big slide — give 'em five bucks and they can play for hours while you sip beer and watch the hula-hoopers until you realize you haven't seen your kid and then you look for him and can't find him and you go to the stage to get someone to announce his name over the P.A. but he doesn't show up and then you find him at the first-aid tent with what will turn out to be a scar, and a fun story, for life.

Sat., May 28; Sun., May 29; Mon., May 30, 2011

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