Ever since Sunday’s Felt Club craft fair at the Ukrainian Culture Center, I’ve been dreaming of pin cushions. Lots and lots of pin cushions. Plump material-covered lil pillows shaped like mushrooms, flowers, animals, and food just begging to be pricked with something nice and skinny and shiny and sharp. The problem is, I don’t sew really. You need to be a seamstress to justify a special (not cheap average tomato-like) pin cushion so I passed on the primo selection Sunday, and now I can’t get ‘em outta my mind.

I did get a groovy heart and eyelet skirt and leopard print bib for my lil one ($10 for both!), a wonderful lil handmade cat with button eyes and a hand-printed greeting card covered with cupcakes. I also watched in awe as would-be crafters learned how to spin yarn.

Retro-guru Charles Phoenix –known for his “Disneyland” tours of downtown LA (it’s all about Clifton’s cafeteria!) emceed the sale and my old pal Lance Rock (formerly of the band The Raymakers and Amoeba Records) deejayed. Rock was right at home amidst the colorful handcrafted loveys and knick knacks too- his new TV show Yo Gabba Gabba (premiering on Nick Jr. channel Aug. 20) is the closest thing to The Krofft Superstars and Banana Splits we’ve seen in years. Check out the show’s groovy blog here.

Charles Phoenix and Lance Rock stick together like glue

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