Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner joined Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich at a press conference Wednesday to support Arizona's controversial immigration law and to decry the county's recent vote to boycott the state.

Antonovich argued that the boycott will restrict revenue streams between L.A. and Arizona and end up costing some Angelenos their jobs. Poizer continued to blast opponent Meg Whitman on immigration, a tactic that has previously gained him some traction against the frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

“Antonovich thinks we need solutions not boycotts, and that this [boycott] will hurt our economic health by telling our trade partners we don't want to do business with them,” the supervisor's communications deputy, Tony Bell, told the Weekly. “It kills jobs.”

He said Antonovich also supports redoubling federal enforcement against illegal immigration because undocumented workers are largely an exploited, unprotected class of people.

“The supervisor also thinks this is a human rights issue — that we're creating a class of people routinely exploited and victimized under the radar,” Bell said. “It's really become a nightmare for those folks and something has to be done to stop it. It starts with enforcement at the border.”

LA Weekly