Steve Aoki Returns to the Academy: Newport Beach DJ and producer, and Benihana heir, Steve Aoki returns to the Academy on Friday. 24HRS, Bok Nero, Callie Reiff, Tres Mortimer and R3LL also perform.

Back in 2019, we reviewed his book Blue: The Color of Noise, and wrote: “But did you know that he used to be a straight edge hardcore kid? His Gorilla Biscuits tattoo might have given that away but, for those of us not staring at his bod, that’s some interesting news. We know, by the way, that this book is aimed at an electronic crowd (understandably) when he asks, ‘Have you heard Minor Threat.'”

He’s a man of many talents and in January of this year, he launched the A0K1VERSE, an NFT membership community powered by the passport.

“Since I started my first company Dim Mak back in 1996 I have cared for, grown, and embraced the concept of community,” he said in a statement. “Now as we look at the future of what our community wants, I believe that the utility needs to be diverse, engaging, and evolving with culture. This is where IRL meets meta – not just in my world but the many worlds I am a part of. Members will not only get access to my own projects but a wealth of friends & family NFT projects and real-world experiences.”

Lots going on then. On Friday however, you’ll get to see Aoki doing what he does best.

Steve Aoki Returns to the Academy: The event takes place at 10 p.m. on Friday, February 11 at the Academy LA.



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