If skaters in Venice, California, now have a skatepark to themselves, it's still illegal to hit the decks in Venice, Italy. But on June 6, the iconic skateboarder Steve Olson, a pro-skater since he was a teenager in the 1970s, and his son Alex, whose low-key riding style is reminiscent of the grace surfer Gerry Lopez brought to the water, pooled their talents in the old world.

Check out the vid of the Olsons that I brought back after the jump.

The father-and-son-team were in town for the Venice Biennale, arguably the world's most prestigious art exhibition. Specifically, they skated as part of the opening for a show named “Venice in Venice,” in which the works of forty Venice, California artists were exhibited. Here's the video:

I'm close friends with the show's co-curator Jacqueline Miro, wrote a piece that was distributed in conjunction with the show, bunked-up in a set of apartments that became the de facto Venice in Venice house and was there when the Olsons arrived. Inside story: Steve's stint as house cook. He dished some fine pasta almost daily. If you've ever gone to Venice, Italy, and dropped the change it takes to eat out in the city, you'll understand why his cooking abilities were an essential survival skill.

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