The German duo Stereo Total return to town with more of their curiously infectious electro-punk anthems. They haven't released a full-length album since 2007's Paris-Berlin, although a new single, “Anti Love Song,” is supposed to come out soon on Kill Rock Stars.

In recent years, these sonic saboteurs have hosted a fanciful radio play, Patty Hearst: Princess and Terrorist, and performed a special show of songs by Kurt Weill, and singer Françoise Cactus has spent much of her time exhibiting her art at galleries in Europe. Paris-Berlin was a delightful collision of punky declarations like “Plastic” and such charming pop tunes as “Miss Rébellion des Hormones.” Best of all was the pair's utterly groovy version of Serge Gainsbourg's “Relax Baby Be Cool,” which they transformed into a modern dance song via keyboardist Brezel Göring's electronic beeps and whistles and Ms. Cactus' sensual purr. They're touring with the goofy, sweater-shrouded hip-pop of Iowa's Leslie & the LYs. (Falling James)

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