We remember the time when guys thought they were popular because they laid down with lots of different people. But no longer. Witness planking man:

He is cool because lays down alone … at lots of different places.

Stephen Estes sent us that shot of him planking — laying down face first, arms at his side (yeah, it's the “sport” that makes Parkour look like big wave surfing) — on the empty 405 near Wilshire Boulevard Saturday during the 405 freeway shutdown known as Carmageddon.

And forget the bicyclists who threatened to take over the 405 or the race between a JetBlue plane and the Wolfpack Hustle crew of cyclists: This guy is the real environmental statement-maker. (And, of course, he's pimping something: His Vitagasm vitamin patch).

He says the image “captures the essence of Carmageddon” and is ” … part of a global Planking subculture that has spread to every continent.”

Awesome, Stephen. You killed it with your face-to-the-pavement style. (Apparently he didn't get arrested, which would have also ended up with him planking with his hands behind his back).

So look out wankers. Make way for plankers.


LA Weekly